Wei Ke

Wei Ke

Wei Ke is a managing partner at Simon-Kucher. He heads the company’s financial services activities in North America. Ke has advised leading financial institutions on product innovation, pricing strategy, marketing and promotional tactics, customer value management, risk management, value communication, sales effectiveness, consumer behavioral biases and big data analytics for both sides of the balance sheet.

Ke received a Ph.D. in decision, risk and operations from Columbia Business School and a B.Sc. in electrical engineering and applied mathematics, summa cum laude, from Columbia University.

Recent Articles by Wei Ke

Beware the Dark Side of AI

Within the Biden administration’s first weeks, the Office of Science and Technology Policy has been elevated to a cabinet-level position. Biden has appointed Alondra Nelson as deputy director. She is a scholar of science, technology and social inequality. In her acceptance speech, Nelson shared, “When we provide inputs to the algorithm, when we program the […]

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