Vinod Kachroo

Vinod Kachroo

Vinod Kachroo is the visionary responsible for leading innovation at SE2 to develop a technology platform that’s future-proofed. He has 30 years of experience driving transformation at leading insurance companies like AIG, Prudential and MetLife.

A sought-after speaker, author and futurist, Kachroo is not only able to create a vision for innovation — he’s able to take a complex idea all the way through planning and execution.

Recent Articles by Vinod Kachroo

Optimizing Experience for Life Beneficiaries

The life insurance industry hasn’t adequately supported the beneficiary largely because the industry has focused on supporting the sales channel and the insured. In general, life insurance companies haven’t considered beneficiaries as key stakeholders. If companies don’t offer the proper experience to this group, carriers risk disappointing potential customers, damaging their brand’s reputation and, ultimately, […]

How to Turn Around Sluggish Life Sales

Life insurance sales are sluggish, and the struggle to capture the elusive mid-market and millennial demographic persists. Insurers are searching for a way to turn things around. As tech start-ups have entered the insurance market, shaking up age-old policy servicing and sales models, insurers have been forced to rethink their offerings. Not adapting is not […]

Key Tech for Life, Annuity in 2020

Data governance, edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and blockchain have become much more than buzzwords in the life and annuity industry—they represent areas of innovation being implemented today and examined further for the future. I see four major trends in the life and annuity industry that will continue to be important for […]

Customer Experience Gets a Major Facelift

As the insurance industry has grappled with creating meaningful touch points with our customers, a few interesting  models have emerged, such as Amica Life with Cardiogram or John Hancock with Vitality. A few insurtechs, such as, have emerged as leaders focused on customer engagement. has reduced lapse rates as much as 35% through carriers […]

Key Technology Trends for Insurers in 2019

In 2019, we will see many of the 2018 technology trends continue but with an added focus on business transformation and value. Innovation In 2019, we will see continued investments in insurtechs and fintechs, as more companies realize the value of technologies that enable the delivery of next-generation digital experience, especially in the area of […]

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