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Vidyesh Khanolkar

Vidyesh Khanolkar

Vidyesh Khanolkar has more than 20 years of experience in information technology on the service provider and customer side. He has large program delivery experience and profitability and P&L management experience across North America, the UK and Asia Pacific in the insurance technology sector.

He works to sharpen his ability to deliver exceptional results by creating and inspiring resilient and high-performing teams. His current remit is to grow the Majesco business in insurance technology across Europe and Asia Pacific.

Recent Articles by Vidyesh Khanolkar

Who Wins? Goliath or David, Big or Fast?

Why did we call David an underdog? He was young and smaller, whereas Goliath was older and a giant of a man, “whose height was six cubits and a span”. Goliath was an experienced warrior, a veteran soldier, whereas David was a mere shepherd. Goliath was outfitted with modern weaponry and all David had were […]

Systematic Approach to Digital Strategy

There has been a new virus spotted in some insurance operations. digital myopia. It is often found in the presence of another related issue — transformation shock. Together, they often bring about framework chaos. Fortunately, there is a straightforward vaccine in use —systematic analysis. The ever-rising digital bar for the insurance industry creates challenges and […]

Are We Listening to Our Customers?

There seems to be a growing mismatch between what consumers want from their insurers and how insurers are attempting to satisfy them. Is it intentional, or is the lack of alignment between insurers and their customers because of some unforeseen technology hurdles that require too much work to correct? Key relationship indicators are all pointing […]

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