Venkat Ramachandran

Venkat Ramachandran

Venkat Ramachandran is industry principal (insurance) with HCL America and has 20-plus years of experience across core operations, business consulting and insurance solutions management. Apart from consulting with leading Insurers across the U.S., U.K. and APAC in the areas of core process excellence, package evaluation and digital, he is a recognized insurance thought leader, having published papers in leading global forums such as the Actuary and APRIA.

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New-Era Cars – Do They Spell Doom?

Telematics-fitted cars, cars with cruise control and emergency automatic braking, driverless cars and what not… the era of continuous innovation in this industry keeps on permeating our day-to-day life. While the underlying theme is reducing the number of accidents and promoting comfortable/safe driving, car manufacturers keep adding “features” that will transfer operational control of the […]

What the U.K. Can Teach on Aggregators

In the last 10 years or so, the single biggest development we have seen in U.K. personal auto insurance distribution is the phenomenal rise of aggregators – known otherwise as “price comparison websites.” Top aggregators in the U.K. marketplace such as, and have grown, leveraging the high usage of Internet among U.K. […]

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