Troy Korsgaden

Troy Korsgaden

Troy Korsgaden is an international consultant to leading insurance carriers and agencies, a speaker, a trainer and the author of six books, including the recently released: “Discussion Partner: A Radical Transformation to Unrivaled Service for Insurance Customers” (Baxter Press, Friendswood, Texas, August 2018.)

Korsgaden is president of Korsgaden International. As a consultant, he works with large carriers, in property and casualty and financial services. Korsgaden also serves as a subject-matter expert in technology and how it applies in the backroom for carriers as well as their distribution.

Recent Articles by Troy Korsgaden

6 Burning Questions on Field Reorganization

Insurance carriers have a long history of tweaking their field organizations and compensation plans to make the captive agent channel more effective and efficient. But the stakes have become higher and the moves bolder in the last several years. Faced with stagnant agent counts, declining agent productivity and elevated expense ratios relative to direct players, […]

Agents Must Become ‘Discussion Partners’

The insurance industry is going through a revolution, and too many carriers, brokers, agents and team members are failing to keep up with the rapid pace of change. Customers have grown accustomed to convenience, a plethora of information and unending choices in whatever they buy, and this applies to the purchase of insurance products and […]

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