Tony Laudato

Tony Laudato

Tony Laudato joined the Hannover Re Group in July 2012 and is currently leading the partnership solutions group that supports insurance carriers’ products, web, mobile and digital strategies that are focused on the demands of today’s consumers and reaching new markets.

In addition to working with carriers, the specialized team works with emerging, high-tech distribution companies and insurtech players, vetting their technology and helping them gain access to insurers that want to modernize the life insurance sales process, products, risk assessment, client engagement and back-end analytics.

Recent Articles by Tony Laudato

New Efficiencies in Life Insurance

A tiger never changes its stripes. But is this true of life insurance companies? They’re good at selling through distribution, but there is a large pool of younger generations that must not be overlooked. This is where digital distribution comes in — digitizing the whole process end-to-end, from improving the sales process through to identifying […]

How to Resuscitate Life Insurance

The shock of the global financial crisis put life insurance, as an industry, on the back foot. A period of de-risking and retrenchment inevitably followed as companies looked to consolidate their positions and weather the storm. A decade on, and much of this necessary work has been done. The life insurance sector is on a […]

2 Problems Present a Big Opportunity

The continued decline of standalone long-term care policies seems inevitable, and the life insurance gap among Americans continues to widen. Hybrid policies offer a joint solution that with the right approach can turn these two challenges into a new market. Recent months have seen a steady drip of bad news from life insurers, as firms […]

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