Tom Emerick

Tom Emerick

Tom Emerick is president of Emerick Consulting and cofounder of EdisonHealth and Thera Advisors.  Emerick’s years with Wal-Mart Stores, Burger King, British Petroleum and American Fidelity Assurance have provided him with an excellent blend of experience and contacts.

His experience and expertise include: designing and managing both global and U.S. benefit programs for large corporations, including multinationals, small to medium-size companies and associations; implementing Six Sigma initiatives in a variety of corporate functions; developing and advocating national health policy solutions; implementing leading-edge, strategic and cost-effective health plan designs; developing long-range health plan strategies; applying evidence-based medicine in employer health plan design; and understanding healthcare economics.

He has served on a variety of employer coalitions and associations, including being on the board of the influential National Business Group on Health and the U. S. Chamber of Commerce Benefit Committee.

Frequently in demand as a speaker for benefits and healthcare conferences, such as the internationally known World Health Care Congress, his topics include strategic health plan design, global health care challenges, healthcare economics and evidence-based medicine.

Recent Articles by Tom Emerick

The Real Fiscal Cliff – Not the Puny One in the News Today

Medicare and Social Security are in deep trouble — deep trouble. The nominal national debt is puny compared to the unfunded liabilities in Medicare and Social Security. How does $16T — yes “T” as in trillion — compare to $86T? There is a good article in the Wall Street Journal written by Chris Cox and […]

What's Next – Emerging Trends In Managing Population Health

New promising trends in managing population health are emerging. Our 20-year experiment with modern day corporate sponsored health and wellness has not saved money.* While some people have been helped by it … no doubt … in the end it has not been effective in controlling health costs. The facts on this have been known […]

The Human Resources View Of Health Care Benefits Needs To Change

The Human Resources notional view of health care benefits needs to change and do so quickly. At one time the view of health benefits was one of satisfying/motivating employees, closely coupled with a notion that health benefits were a great way to attract and retain top talent. Truthfully, that was never really the correct notion […]

It's 2012 – Let's Recap

Let’s hit a few highlights of 2011. In the past, I’ve described certain scary trends in health care in the United States: US spending on health care is lapping our peer countries while our life expectancy is declining comparatively. This is a major drain on our economy and is costing us jobs. We have a […]

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