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Toby Redshaw

Toby Redshaw

Toby Redshaw is a global business transformation leader who has driven P&L and business process/ performance improvements across multiple industries. He is known for helping firms deliver competitive advantage through innovative, real-world IT centric strategy and speed-of-execution in high growth, high service, and high technology environments. In addition to CIO leadership Toby’s business and operational expertise includes hands-on M&A, acquisition integration, multi-billion dollar procurement, risk and regulatory, eCommerce / marketing leadership, diversity and venture capital / Silicon Valley experience. He works at the nexus of pragmatism and innovation.

Redshaw was previously the global CIO at American Express and at Aviva PLC a UK headquartered $85B revenue insurer with $800B in assets under management. Prior to that he spent six years at Motorola where he simultaneously had product, marketing, strategy and technology responsibilities in addition to being exec chairman of a portfolio company and the first chief procurement officer. He helped found and run a global start up based in Silicon Valley, China, London and Ohio. He started his career as one of the first employees on the international side of FedEx where he had a 17 year career in business and IT.

• Awarded Top 50 Global CIO by InformationWeek and Top 25 CTO by InfoWorld.
• Selected as one of six CIO’s invited to the Whitehouse to work with the top Federal CIO’s on future visioning/practical innovation. Twice invited to SOCOM to present/lecture on agility, innovation and change management.

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