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Tim Kershaw

Tim Kershaw

Tim Kershaw is the founder and director of TrACK Mentoring & Consulting. Formed in January 2021, it will have two distinct yet complementary services. Firstly, to provide one-to-one mentoring to individuals at important times in their careers, to help them track their development needs and to get clarity around their futures and the decisions they make to realize their potential and aspirations. Secondly, to help businesses, in or around the insurance segment, stay on track to maximize their initiatives and capabilities.

Prior to this, Kershaw had 40 years of experience working in the London (and global) insurance markets as a senior leader and seasoned COO, where he led large operations teams at both broking and (re)insurance firms. From sales and marketing initiatives in the front office, through to claims and post placement/bind operations in the back office — both for high-performing business-as-usual operations and oftentimes during significant change initiatives — Kershaw has been party to several different mergers and acquisitions and played active roles in the resultant integration streams and oversight.

During his career he has been through significant operating model and organization design changes, and he has been actively involved in successful offshoring initiatives. Kershaw has been party to numerous technology initiatives and IT implementations. He has been close to the London Market change agenda over many years. He is a passionate advocate for innovation and a supporter of the digital opportunities that are increasingly becoming available to the market.

Over the years, Kershaw has taken the platform at conferences and round tables and been a member of numerous market committees concentrating on the various change agendas.

Finally, Kershaw is an active supporter of many D&I initiatives. He prefers to “walk the walk” and engage as an advocate for the sometimes marginalized.

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