Tami Griffin

Tami Griffin

Tami Griffin has extensive experience in the food system and agricultural industry. She provides industry-specific experience with an emphasis on risk identification, assessment and developing solutions for non-traditional risks such as food contamination events, bioterrorism, brand damage, supply system disruption, sustainability, volumetric loss to crop/livestock, weather, climate change, commodity price and other high-impact financial volatility risk. She has been involved in the development of risk finance and management programs for a wide range of clients, ranging from crop and livestock production to end processing and retail facilities. In addition, she has developed association and franchise programs.

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Lessons on Disruption From the Food Industry

When most people think of “disruptors,” they think of startups entering an established sector – using technology in radical new ways, overturning existing business models and overthrowing long-standing sector leaders. Technology has become the dominant example, but there are other factors that can be just as disruptive to the established dynamics of a sector: shifting […]

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