Susan Joseph

Susan Joseph

Susan Joseph is a high-energy, trusted, innovative strategic consultant (JD/MBA) to Fortune 500 companies and humanitarian groups who can envision, position, develop strategy and lead businesses (both hands on and via delegation) on identity including cyber risk, blockchain, fintech, insurtech, regtech, financial services, supply chain and smart contracts, with particular attention to the overall digital experience, data use, privacy and user consent.

She is the CEO/Founder of SheTechPower, a startup empowering women through financial technology by encouraging technology and identity solutions including blockchain to create ethical supply chains. She is past CEO of ID2020 — a strategic global initiative to accelerate digital identity solutions that hosted a UN Conference in May 2016.

Joseph is a former general counsel for both a specialty insurer and fintech lending startup, and a strategic adviser with broad expertise structuring businesses and business segments, analyzing and solving problems, managing risk and enhancing business outcomes. While she was an insurance general counsel, Basel II was enacted, and she advised the company to transform data captured due to an additional compliance requirement into an augmented database for direct customer sales, which resulted in increased revenue.

As a senior attorney for many years at a technology distributor, she created the financial products that helped grow the business from $50 million to $4 billion.

Joseph founded Womeninfintech (1,360-plus group members in 47 countries). She is conversant in blockchain/smart contracts potential for identity, insurance, supply chain, lending, compliance, provenance and data trails, finance and IoT. She is also a speaker/moderator at fintech conferences, a writer, board member for Cornell College of Agriculture Alumni Association and guest lecturer on fintech at Cornell (CALS). Additionally, she wrote the emerging markets chapter for the crowdsourced Fintech Book (Wiley 2016.)

Joseph sits on a Kantara working group that discusses the use and development of standards for identity and marketing data in financial, insurance and other transactions in the context of blockchain/decentralized ledger technology including smart contracts. She also is an adviser to OneWorldIdentity, a technologically agnostic forum for identity experts to discuss issues and solutions.

Her education includes: Cornell University: agricultural economics; Tulane University: MBA; and Pace University: JD (cum laude/law review).

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