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Stuart Panensky

Stuart Panensky

Stuart Panensky has extensive experience acting as incident response/data breach counsel to companies in multiple industries, including professional services, healthcare, financial institutions, technology, retail and hospitality.

In leading incident response investigations, Panensky is networked with numerous quality incident response vendors (IT, forensics, e-discovery, public relations, breach notification and others) and coordinates them as appropriate. Panensky advocates for clients that are subject to state and federal governmental privacy investigations and has personally handled every phase of commercial litigation, including jury trial and appeal.

Panensky and the cyber & privacy practice group at FisherBroyles also provide corporate privacy counsel to companies, including on GDPR, CCPA and other compliance issues. Panensky and his team draft incident response planning documents, host mock-breach “tabletop” presentations, opine on privacy and data and information security policies and terms of use and review third-party contract agreements, data processing agreements and scope documents.

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