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Steven Schwartz

Steven Schwartz

Steven Schwartz is the founder of Global Cyber Consultants and has built the U.S. business of the international insurtech/regtech firm Cyberfense.

A noted thought leader on the topic of risk management of cyber-related assets like personal data, Schwartz is a founding board member of the International Personal Data Trade Association and the co-founder and vice chairman of the Clean Data Institute.

Recently named to “New York City’s 2017 33 Under 33,” Schwartz has personally consulted, managed and negotiated the risk management and insurance programs for worldwide, publicly traded entities in excess of $50 million in annual premiums.

He was previously one of five senior managing consultants and the SVP of business development at UIC, one of the world’s largest independent risk management and insurance consulting firms, advising Fortune 1,000 companies across 40 countries.

Schwartz began his career as a big data analyst and data QA engineer at healthcare analytics firm TreoSolutions, helping to drive the nine-figure sale of the company after five years of operations.

Schwartz is also a licensed investment adviser, a mentor to insurtech accelerator Startup Bootcamp and the insurtech adviser to blockchain member consortium Agentic Group.

He received his MBA with a concentration in finance and economics from Union College and graduated cum laude from Siena College with a B.S. in accounting.

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