Steve Kronsnoble

Steve Kronsnoble

Steve Kronsnoble is Wipfli’s insurance industry practice leader, helping companies gain actionable insight from data, understand and serve their customers, react quickly to economic and competitive changes and modernize technology to support their business objectives.

Kronsnoble has an extensive background in insurance technology, and specifically policy admin core systems over his 25-plus-year career. As the director of applications for a regional insurance carrier, Kronsnoble was responsible for the migration to personal lines and commercial lines insurance software solutions from a legacy mainframe platform. Included in this was specific project responsibility for more than15 successful application conversions in three years. As a consultant, he has led several insurance core systems software selections ranging from full policy-billing-claims enterprise solutions to specific capabilities such as e- commerce, rating and billing.

Kronsnoble has also been deeply involved with insurance implementations, including both packages and custom software.

Recent Articles by Steve Kronsnoble

3 Main Mistakes in Change Management

In my last blog, my engineer self admitted that the root causes for why core systems replacement projects don’t hit the mark in the business case are more likely related to people, not the technology. I stated that the business only changes when individual contributors each do their jobs differently. Now let’s take a more detailed […]

Why Implementations of Core Systems Fail

As an engineer (at least that’s what my university degree says), I must say I like to solve problems. Big, ugly, complex problems can a great challenge. We all know what has been happening with insurers’ core systems over the past several years. To respond to the challenging needs for product agility, customer-centricity and operational […]

The Insurance Agent of the Future?

Recently, my 80-something mother bought an iPad to replace one of the first models, which is now obsolete (can’t upgrade the iOS!). So, though she is an always-with-some-trepidation user, she’s no Luddite. After her second day with the new device, she called me with some alarm to say that someone named Siri was trying to […]

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