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Steve Kelly

Steve Kelly

Steve Kelly is the co-founder and CEO of ELAP Services, a leading healthcare solution for self-funded employers based in Wayne, PA.

He is a recognized expert in the insurance, employee benefits and risk management industry, bringing more than three decades of experience solving his clients’ complex healthcare challenges.

Recent Articles by Steve Kelly

6 Tips for Reference-Based Pricing

Reference-based pricing, also called metric-based pricing, is an alternative to the traditional PPO model that offers substantial cost saving and benefits for self-funded employers by leveraging fair and transparent practices. If you aren’t familiar with reference-based pricing, it could seem disruptive to your operations to make a change. However, many self-funded employers are implementing this […]

Myths on Reference-Based Pricing

In the U.S., premiums for family coverage have increased 55% since 2007, and business owners often bear much of this financial burden. Employers are reaching their breaking point. Employers are getting creative in an effort to reduce their healthcare costs, including looking for alternatives to the typical preferred provider organization (PPO) plan. Many are choosing self-insurance […]

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