Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson is a seasoned business and technology veteran speaking on using technology in practical ways that are down to earth and will actually improve profits.

For the last 15 years, he has crossed the nation speaking at places like Safeco, AAA and Nationwide, as well as at small and midsize organizations.

Recent Articles by Steve Anderson

Finally, an Insurer Proud of Agents

The debate on insurance innovation has been dominated recently by comments generated as a result of the State Farm TV ad where this insurance giant celebrates the superiority of its thousands of human insurance agents compared with the AI-based chatbots. Lemonade — a smart U.S. insurtech startup — has credited itself as the target of […]

Lessons From New Telematics Firm

The insurance industry has been abuzz with the announcement by Allstate CEO Tom Wilson that he has created a stand-alone business unit with the express purpose of monetizing telematics data that the firm has been collecting for at least the last six years. The new company, called Arity, will provide data and analytics products to […]

Using Electronic Signatures Could Save Billions

In today’s world, technology is making everything easier, more efficient, and less expensive. Unfortunately, one area where technology efficiency has not impacted the insurance industry is in the active use of electronic signatures for applications and other forms. This is unfortunate, as significant productivity gains and expense reductions can be achieved by the widespread use […]

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