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Stephen Goldstein

Stephen Goldstein is a global insurance executive with more than 10 years of experience in insurance and financial services across the U.S., European and Asian markets in various roles including distribution, operations, audit, market entry and corporate strategy.

Goldstein is currently the U.S. country director for Pivot Ventures, helping to build a more collaborative insurance ecosystem between the U.S. and Asia and advising industry leaders and startups on their transformation initiatives and growth objectives.

Recent Articles by Stephen Goldstein

Insurtech Starts With ‘I’ but Needs ‘We’

Throughout a number of the recent conferences I have attended and conversations I have had with my clients, colleagues and incumbents in the space, the question of “what makes an insurtech/innovation initiative a success?” keeps coming up. This week, I explore the critical success factor. If you haven’t figured out by now through my writing, […]

Touching Customers in the Insurtech Era

Customer Experience This is a concept that has been and will continue to be written, talked and debated about for years. In our currently connected society, it is imperative that all companies (not just in insurance) find better ways to interact and engage with their customers. There are a few key points when those offering […]

How to Assess Bootstrapped Startups

Over the past nine years, $20.6 billion has been invested into insurtech startups (data below as of March 21). In 2016 and 2017 alone, this figure amounts to $10.7 billion. I love it. There is nothing better than reading about a newly funded startup from a large VC firm. It takes a ton of blood, sweat […]

Use Insurtech to Help, not Replace, Agents

Even Popeye needs some help from spinach. In this post, I look at the importance of the insurance agent and some insurtech startups providing tech spinach to the Popeye agent. I started out my career in this industry as a financial adviser. Being a financial adviser was always my fallback plan if my entrepreneurial ventures […]

Wave of Policyholder Benefits… Not!

Aside from the “not,” wouldn’t that have been a nice headline to see when the U.S. tax reform bill was passed and signed in December? Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The days and weeks leading up to the eventual passage and signing of the tax reform bill were exhausting. I actually stopped following too closely because, as with the […]

Microinsurance: A Huge Opportunity

Having worked in and around Asia for the past few years, I have seen microinsurance be a constant topic. I always found the concept of microinsurance (and microfinance) very interesting. However, I didn’t fully understand it. Fortunately, Peter Gross from MicroEnsure helped to give me more insights into this fascinating and extremely important concept. The […]

8 Insurtech Predictions for China in 2018

This post, which describes recent news coming from insurtech and digital insurance in China, was written for Daily Fintech by Zarc Gin from Insurview from within China. Happy New Year! It has been a great honor for me to share insurtech developments in China since last November. I hope my posts here help you understand what’s happening in China, […]

Guide for Insurtech Work With Carriers

This article will be a 15-minute read. If you work for an insurtech startup that wants to get a deal done with an insurance carrier, it will be a very valuable 15 minutes. If you know somebody like that, please forward it to them. Imagine this: You are the founder of an insurtech startup. You’ve […]

Insurtech in 2018: Beyond Blockchain

At year end, in our personal lives, we reflect on and plan strategies relating to our health, wealth and family. In our business lives, we reflect on and plan strategies for our sales, costs and overall business direction. For writers, consultants and the like, we write predictions on the areas where we specialize. I’ve read a […]

How Is Insurtech Different in Asia?

A few weeks ago, for my work outside of Daily Fintech, I attended the InsurTech Asia Association Roadshow in Japan and Singapore. During the roadshow, Pivot Ventures (the company I work with), together with the association, brought together 15 startups with 15 insurer/reinsurers. This was my first trip back to Asia since moving back to the U.S. […]

U.S. Healthcare: No Simple Insurtech Fix

I hadn’t worried much about U.S. health insurance in years, eight to be exact. I was interested, but not worried, because while I was living abroad I didn’t need it. Furthermore, I had a health insurance plan that covered me wherever I lived in the world. When I returned to the U.S. this past July, […]

Why #Insurtech Doesn’t Matter

Last week, I included my summary of what we do in Insurance: Insurance is a business where we provide people with peace of mind, allowing them to know that there will be a monetary solution provided when they suffer a major loss/accident (or minor, depending on coverage purchased). This loss/accident can either in the form of […]

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