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Stephen Ambrose

Stephen Ambrose

Steve Ambrose is a strategy and business development maverick, with a 20-plus-year career across several healthcare and technology industries. A well-connected team leader and polymath, his interests are in healthcare IT, population health, patient engagement, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, claims and chronic disease.

Having chosen to leave his last tech strategy position, he is focused on selectively seeking and reviewing business development and strategy opportunities with healthcare and HC IT companies.

Recent Articles by Stephen Ambrose

Not Your Mama’s Recipe for Healthcare

This article is about opening minds, eyes, hearts and futures. I’m going to take you on a journey into a world where I shine my flashlight into dark corners, challenging norms, introducing ideas and connecting different areas of current players and practice.   Thanks in advance for sharing, caring and daring to think in ways that transform. – […]

Consumer-Friendly Healthcare Model

Best-selling Author Og Mandino once said:  “Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.” It appears that a small, yet growing number of America’s front line health providers are doing just that. Instead taking on increased risk, greater healthcare bureaucracy and more administration headaches, these medical mavericks have drawn a philosophical line in […]

New Healthcare Brawl, Different This Time

For the thousands of healthcare consumers reading this post…and the millions in attendance across this great country…lllllllllllllllet’s get ready to rummbulllllll! In this corner – fighting over a period of 68 years, with a track record of unaffordable and ever-skyrocketing premiums, causing long-term wage stagnation, plus lower rates of savings for individuals all over the […]

Keep the Humanity in Healthcare

A part of my life allowed me the privilege of treating nearly 10,000 individual patients. Their openness and trust let me partner with them, deciding on and helping enact a course of care, which often helped change lives. We lived life together. Owning a practice means more than just providing necessary healthcare — through ethical and legal means. It allowed me […]

Hey, Pharma! It’s Time for a Change

As Bruce Buffer, voice of the UFC, would say, “IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT’S TIME!” In this case, it’s time for big pharma to stop just defending its prices and to start to tap into the consumerism that is transforming healthcare. Check out these stats (mostly from Google and Decisions Resources Group): One in 20 online searches is for […]

AI: The Next Stage in Healthcare

In the great tradition of discoveries such as germ theory, X-rays, DNA and penicillin, the next stage of our growth in healthcare will come from artificial intelligence (AI). This includes effective machine learning and neural networks and a promise of greater pattern recognition, data analysis, “general thinking,” decision-making and efficiency.   Until recently, a large […]

Radical Approach on Healthcare Crisis

I love health policy, healthcare technology and using “corkscrew” thinking to find solutions for big problems. Perhaps no problem looms larger today than our current healthcare crisis and its financial implications for our future.   The U.S. healthcare system needs more than a healthy shot in the arm—it needs a cure. Premiums continue their upward surge. More Americans […]

Radical Thought on End-of-Life Care

Pull up your drink and relax – you’re in for a deeper read. Thanks in advance for your eyes and time. Read on … Here, I subscribe to the Elon Musk school of applying “first principles” to problem solving. I like to call this one my “Big W.” It has the potential to save tens to hundreds of billions of […]

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