Stacey Gunn

Stacey Gunn

Stacey Gunn, assistant vice president, is responsible for leading Keenan’s SIU/Fraud Unit, training and development and vendor management.

She has more than 20 years of experience and is certified by the Insurance Educational Association, Workers’ Compensation Claims Professionals Association and the California Office of Self Insurance Plans.

Recent Articles by Stacey Gunn

Identifying Fraud in Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation fraud creates a financial and administrative burden for employers, while increasing hardship for injured workers with legitimate claims. The early identification of potential fraudulent cases and quick action by workers’ compensation third party administrators can help make sure workers’ compensation programs run as efficiently as possible in providing needed help for injured workers. […]

Real or Fake? Finding Workers’ Comp Fraud

Security cameras in a company cafeteria recently captured a brazen attempt to fake a workers’ compensation injury. The video shows that the man dumped a cup of ice onto the floor, disposed of the cup and then lay down on the floor as though he slipped on the ice. Prosecutors have charged the man with […]

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