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Sri Ramaswamy

Sri Ramaswamy

Sri Ramaswamy, an entrepreneur at the age of 19, made a brand new product category a huge success in the Indian marketplace. Through the use of behavioral marketing, context-based selling and analytics, Ramaswamy made the product launch a huge success. She then moved to Australia to complete her masters in IT with a special focus in database administration. Ramaswamy topped her class in database administration. During her masters program, she started a branding company helping small businesses reach out to untouched markets.

Ramaswamy then moved to the U.S. to work in the banking and insurance industries doing CRM applications, data warehousing, business intelligence and advanced analytics. She built prototypes for two advanced analytics solutions for underwriting and claims, including putting together a large implementation team and worked with her manager to bring in early adopters.

Ramaswamy is now the founder and CEO of Infinilytics, a technology company offering AI and big data analytics solutions for the insurance industry, completing more than 14 years in the data analytics and applications architecture. Infinilytics’ smartC is a SaaS-based solution that uses AI and robotic process automation to fast track genuine claims while flagging questionable patterns. smartC uses machine learning to dynamically predict litigation and high-severity claims.

Ramaswamy is passionate about embedding technology in the right areas to bring a strong customer focus into the insurance business while helping insurers drive down claim costs. She is also very passionate about education, so she volunteers at her son’s schools for various enrichment programs, such as ethical entrepreneurship to elementary school kids.

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