Soubhagya Parija

Soubhagya Parija

Soubhagya Parija is a well-rounded finance and risk professional with leadership experience in energy and retail industry. He has designed, developed and implemented enterprise risk management frameworks in both public- and private-sector organizations. He has significant global experience in North America, Europe and India.

Parija implemented an integrated commodity trading strategy at a major power utility, developed risk-appetite-based enterprise risk management frameworks and is responsible for reporting to the board.

Parija also led development of a comprehensive and consistent risk management framework for 11 international markets and 12 compliance risk areas for Walmart’s international division. The unique assessment process combines data and collective wisdom of experts (forecasters). He completed the first detailed risk assessment at the enterprise level for 2014.

Parija contributes to thought leadership in the emerging risk management frontiers, served as a member of the ERM committee at the Risk & Insurance Management Society (RIMS) from 2008-2011 and was a speaker at the ERM symposium and RIMS conference.

Parija currently serves on the board of directors of Risk Management Society (RIMS). He also serves on the CRO Commercial Advisory Council of George Mason University.

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