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Silke Genuit

Silke Genuit

Silke Genuit is a senior manager at Accenture Consulting Switzerland and AI insurance focus group lead Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

With more than 12 years of experience in the financial services sector, she has helped re-/insurers with developing strategies to close the global protection gap, embark on their digital transformation journeys, build up new customer-oriented digital distribution channels and manage technology transformation and navigating business process changes.

Recent Articles by Silke Genuit

How to Use AI in Customer Service

How to manage the increase in incoming unstructured information is a key challenge in the insurance industry—we explore how Accenture’s Machine Learning Text Analyzer can achieve this using historical data. How do you approach customer service and policy administration within your organization? In this blog post, I’ll demonstrate how artificial intelligence (AI) and a raised […]

How to Use AI in Claims Management

How do you increase quality in claims assessment, management and administration? We share insights into an end-to-end, AI-powered, claims-automation approach to increase quality, improve processing efficiency and reduce cost. In this blog series, I’ve spoken about how AI increases process efficiency, reduces costs and helps business solve problems. I also showed how it enables smart […]

How to Use AI in Underwriting

How do you increase the efficiency of your underwriting processes? In this post, I will showcase a solution for a fully automated underwriting process consisting of roughly five steps—solving major challenges in structuring, extracting and analyzing unstructured data. In this series on how to boost your AIQ, I’m exploring innovative ways to apply artificial intelligence […]

How to Use AI, Starting With Distribution

How can insurers meet increased customer expectations at a lower cost? AI-powered care delivers on a future vision of customer service with an opportunity for savings of 30% by, for example, driving customers to digital experiences. In this post, I will explore how to apply AI using an intelligent customer engagement (ICE) framework. How can […]

Insurers: Start Boosting Your ‘AIQ’

In this blog series, we explore what benefits insurers would gain if they start boosting what we call the Artificial Intelligence Quotient (AIQ), and give an overview of why and how insurers should leverage technology, data and people to get started. Perhaps some of you remember when an IBM computer called “Deep Blue” defeated world […]

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