Shwetank Verma

Shwetank Verma

Shwetank Verma is the co-founder of Leo Capital, an early stage fund and an open innovation consultant. Previously, he led open innovation at MetLife Asia.

Recent Articles by Shwetank Verma

3 Steps to Succeed at Open Innovation

2018 was the year that insurance embraced open innovation. From medium-sized insurers to Fortune 50 incumbents, everyone seemed to be launching a challenge, accelerator or incubator — to the point where we now have too much of a good thing. This has led to a certain ennui in the startup and VC ecosystem. Every insurtech […]

How to Collaborate With Insurtechs

Collaboration has become one of the buzzwords at innovation conferences. Not quite as prevalent as blockchain or AI – but not far behind. Unlike some of the other buzzwords, the benefits of effective collaboration can be seen quickly — as little as a month in some cases and no more than two quarters at most. […]

5 Cs of Transformation in Insurance

We are facing a world that has more potential to transform than ever before. By 2020, CIOs in a Gartner survey have forecast that 77% of their processes will be digital. Transformation is certain — and, if we are unable to keep up, VCs will be happy to fund companies that transform our industry for […]

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