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Sheryl Medeiros

Sheryl Medeiros

Sheryl Medeiros brings a unique perspective and style that make her the one companies rely on to solve their most complex and challenging problems. For the past 28 years, she has been both a lawyer and a CEO for Fortune companies, has started two companies and is a business owner today. Nimble in small and large organizations, across industries and geographies, in established and start up environments, she moved from chief legal officer to chief external affairs officer to chief executive officer, domestically and globally. Consistently throughout each of her varied experiences, Medeiros has demonstrated visionary leadership and led transformational change for companies in crisis.

Medeiros has personally experienced the journey to find her voice as a woman in executive leadership and has mentored men and women through their own leadership development. Today she dedicates herself to creating a new leadership paradigm to meet the demands of a new era in the marketplace by bringing the full capacity of women into senior leadership roles. Focusing on combining the strengths of men and women in leadership, High Tides Group has developed a three-part system that will transform what is today a conversation about women’s rights into a results-oriented movement that will capture an untapped resource in the marketplace to drive superior performance.

A wife and mother of two sons in college, Medeiros is energetic, driven and involved. She and her husband grew up in Hawaii, she has lived on both coasts and worked in Europe, Asia, Mexico and Australia. Medeiros uses the foundation of her personal experiences to shape her success in tough global business environments. During this chapter in her life, she seeks balance and deliberately surrounds herself with people who amaze her.

Medeiros has worked at Skadden Arps, Safeco Insurance, United Guaranty (a subsidiary of AIG) and AssureStart. She founded Prism Law Group and High Tides Group. She holds a juris doctor degree from Georgetown and a bachelor of arts degree in social sciences from Berkeley.

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