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Shaun Crawford

Shaun Crawford

Shaun Crawford leads Ernst & Young’s $1.4 billion global insurance business. He has been in the financial services industry for 27 years, having worked both in consulting or line management with the majority of European life assurers and U.K. retail banks at some point. He is a fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants.

Over the past 10 years, Shaun’s experience has included the design and delivery of a number of large transformation projects for European insurers as well as leading the European due diligence for a Top 3 global life assurer as it purchased another global life assurer. He led the business due diligence in EMEIA for a Top 5 global insurer purchasing the life subsidiary of another Top 5 global insurer as well as running market entry strategies for a number of insurers.

Shaun has managed a range of strategy and start-up programs for European insurers and, during 2007-2010, worked with the industry to influence the FSA on the outcome of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR).

In past roles, Shaun led the U.K. insurance businesses of Ernst & Young, Cap Gemini and IBM, with full P&L responsibilities.

Before originally joining Ernst & Young, Shaun fulfilled a range of senior management roles within NatWest Bank and HSBC.

Recent Articles by Shaun Crawford

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Key Highlights External influencers: mixed macroeconomic signals Uptick in global growth and rebound in employment levels, if sustained, will have favorable implications for the sector. As central banks turn cautious, bond yield improvements are likely to slow in the near term, implying limited investment yield upside for insurers. Sector trends: hurricanes to set course Supported […]

5 Main Areas for Blockchain Impact

Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, has quickly become a fixation in the financial services industry as a result of its potential to revolutionize our thinking about data sharing and security. In considering the technology, senior business and IT leaders at property and casualty (P&C) companies must balance their natural skepticism about “next big thing” trends […]

Brexit Brings Some Opportunities in U.K.

The recent vote for Brexit will by no means destroy the U.K. insurance industry – if managed properly, the industry can emerge more resilient and competitive than ever. While insurers in the U.K. proceed with caution as they prepare for the country’s exit from the European Union, we at EY see this “Brexit moment” as […]

2016 Latin America Insurance Outlook

Despite sluggish economic growth and troubling inflation in key markets, the 2016 insurance market outlook for Latin America remains relatively bright. The rollout of new insurance products and distribution approaches at a time of low market penetration should drive strong growth for insurers. Insurance premium growth is expected to rise by around 6% to 7% […]

Life-Annuity Insurers: Outlook for 2016

U.S. life-annuity insurers will enter 2016 in relatively good financial condition but facing exponential changes from rapid advances in technology, rising customer expectations and growing competition. These market shifts will require insurers to reinvent their strategies, services and processes, while coping with nagging financial, economic and regulatory uncertainty. Fortunately, after years of bolstering their balance […]

2016 Outlook for Property-Casualty

For U.S. property-casualty insurers, 2016 will be a year of continuing disruptive change. Digital technologies, such as social media, analytics and telematics, will continue to transform the market landscape, recalibrating customer expectations and opening new ways to reach and acquire clients. The rise of the “sharing economy,” under which assets like cars and homes can […]

Global Outlook for P&C, Life-Annuity

In 2015, the macroeconomic environment across much of the world shows significant improvement, with GDP rising in many countries and both the middle class and high-net-worth populations expanding in number and financial resources. These factors bode well for the global outlook for international property-casualty and life-annuity insurance companies. Key challenges in 2015 include rising competition, […]

How to Apply ERM to Cyber Risks

The advent of new technologies has enabled risk stakeholders to perform enhanced data analytics to gain more insights into the customer, risk assessment, financial risk management and quantification of operational risk. Companies manage many risks aligned to their risk profile and risk appetite. They do so by risk awareness and risk assessment. The visionaries and […]

New Way to Audit Digital Assets

In the real world, it would be considered reasonable and appropriate to require an independent audit of digital assets to be insured. In cyberspace, this is more challenging. Insurers have to rely on the insured to tell the truth about what assets have been affected by a breach. Integrity standards for data enable insurance companies […]

Waves of Change in Rapid-Growth Markets

Global expansion into new markets represents a powerful opportunity — especially as economic performance languishes in much of the developed world. As a result, insurance executives must regularly evaluate and refresh their strategies to identify which international markets are most likely to offer the best prospects. As regional markets around the world become more connected […]

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