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Shahzadi Jehangir

Shahzadi Jehangir

Shahzadi Jehangir is an innovation leader and expert in building trust and value in the digital age, creating scalable new businesses generating millions of dollars in revenue each year, with more than $10 million last year alone.

Her eclectic experience spans across innovation strategy and creativity in Fortune 500 financial services, startup advisory and entrepreneurship. From human-centered design, digital transformation, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) to reinventing insurance altogether, she believes she can change the world and is deeply immersed in pioneering initiatives to make a difference in people’s lives.

Jehangir challenges the status quo with unique perspectives, creativity and a sharp business acumen. Her energy and empathy galvanizes people to think and behave differently. Her propensity to act creates a momentum for others and engages talent, striking a balance between long-term priorities and day-to-day activities. You can quote her, disagree with her, glorify or vilify her, but the one thing you can’t do is ignore her, because she changes things for the better.

In a whirlwind career across Europe, Australia, North America and Asia, Jehangir has created, designed and successfully implemented new value propositions and experiences that have shaped the future of insurance globally. She spearheaded, strategized, designed and launched the innovation business unit for Liberty’s Global Consumer Markets in Asia, Singapore’s first comprehensive pet insurance coverage (PetCare) and Singapore’s first mobile telematics platform and underwriting capability (Singapore’s Best Driver Challenge). She was selected as Liberty Mutual’s top global talent and sent to Boston for a one-year course on innovation, strategy and management, and she topped her class.

It is an honor for Jehangir to learn alongside some of the best minds of our time, taking on new challenges that are leading to exciting outcomes and pushing the realm of the possible.

Recent Articles by Shahzadi Jehangir

Ready for Telematics? 7 Considerations

Telematics has the potential to dramatically alter the auto insurance industry, from personalized premiums based on individual driving data to automated emergency services and entertainment-based add-ons to more immediate and active management of claims. Risk Assessment Value Proposition Telematics has much to offer both consumers and insurers. Solution Analysis Technology solutions available today are similar […]

It’s Time to Go on the Offensive

Creating businesses is the challenge of the day for large organizations. After years of cost-cutting and downsizing, companies have realized they can’t shrink their way to success. In a world where what’s possible is advancing at breakneck speeds, social behavior, technology and global economy are driving forces for change. Established brands have realized they can’t […]

Let’s Get Rid of Risk Altogether!

The Social Network of Things is here! In a complex landscape of old and new, cars and networks are being built to be self-aware, adaptable and communicative with one another and humans in real time. We live in extraordinary times where there is transformative experience with three kinds of cars — some fully automated, others with […]

A Lesson From a Serial Innovator

Disruptive innovation is not about technology Systems that are innovative at one time can become the “good enough” systems we need to overcome as they age and calcify. While it’s inspiring to see new systems render old ones obsolete, this prescription of change creates a future where decisions about our collective future will be commercial […]

The Secret to Changing Human Behavior

Humans are not inspired to act on reason alone. Using conventional rhetoric — which, in the business world, usually consists of a PowerPoint presentation where you say, “Here is our company’s biggest challenge, and here’s what we need to do to prosper,” building your case through statistics, facts and quotes from authorities — doesn’t connect with […]

Innovation: How to Wear the ‘Uber Hat’

It all began with reports of eroding books of business, price wars and marketing dollars not accounting for conversions of prospects into customers (or not in any visible manner, anyway). Then the CEO made that big “I’m back from a conference speech” and wanted to share. Suddenly, we’ve established a deadline to implement Net Promoter […]

How to Create an Emotional Connection

As insurers, we are no strangers to running into price sensitivity, then copying the competition and buying business. When we still fail, we blame the economy. But the truth is that the complexity of our products, the lack of differentiation in our services and the distance we’ve kept from our consumers is what results in […]

How to Create a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is the key to staying relevant, differentiating your brand and gaining competitive advantage, but who is consistently driving innovation in the corporate world? The new state of affairs can be daunting. I don’t envy the work of talent acquisition teams. Stakeholders and business partners struggle to define the skill sets required, and, even when […]

Culture Defeats Strategy Outright!

Valentino Rossi (a.k.a the living legend of MotoGP) is 37 years old (a lifetime in motorsport years), is first in all-time 500cc (MotoGP) race wins standings with 88 victories and is second in all time overall wins standings with 114 race wins (just behind Giacomo Agostini, with 122.) But it’s not just Rossi’s stats, victories, […]

How to Make Insurance Fun

The insurance industry has had it tough. We are in the business of protection, but in truth a big portion of our time is spent dealing with fear, anguish, death, destruction and tragedy. You hear from your consumers once when they pay for insurance, and the next time you hear from them is when something […]

Innovation Won’t Work Without This

To sell an idea to stakeholders, buyers and users, we not only have to change what they think but how they think. Without the right mental model, they won’t see the problem, understand the benefits or choose to change. Mental models are like sorting hats; they are how our minds make sense of the world […]

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