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Seth Rachlin

Seth Rachlin

Dr. Seth Rachlin is executive vice president and global insurance industry leader at Capgemini as well as lecturer in public policy at the University of Chicago.

At Capgemini, Dr. Rachlin is responsible for setting the firm’s insurance industry strategy, managing its relationships within the insurance technology ecosystem and shaping and articulating the company’s perspective on the industry.

Dr. Rachlin is an acknowledged and widely quoted thought leader on topics concerning the intersection of risk and technology. This spring, he is teaching an original graduate-level course, “Addressing Technology’s Wake: Emerging Risks and the Public Policy Imperative,” at the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy.

Dr. Rachlin has over 25 years’ experience building and advising companies in the insurance, technology and business services sectors. He has founded, built and negotiated the sale of two companies to publicly traded entities. He has extensive experience as a consultant to over 50 Fortune 500 and middle-market insurance companies. He has also advised numerous software, services and security providers.

Prior to joining Capgemini, Dr. Rachlin was president of the information and analytics division of Advisen, a leading provider of data and analytics to the commercial P&C marketplace. He oversaw the launch of Advisen’s cyber risk and predictive analytics products and created a professional services organization to support their integration into customer systems and underwriting workflows.

Prior to joining Advisen, Dr. Rachlin was CEO of Moore Stephens Business Solutions (MSBS), a leading provider of performance management solutions to property and casualty insurance carriers, brokers and managing general agents. Dr. Rachlin founded MSBS in 2006, grew the company to a $7 million annual run rate and concluded its sale to Majesco in April 2010. The sale delivered over a tenfold return to the company’s investors.

Previously, Dr. Rachlin served as a partner of the TechPar Group, where he provided strategic direction, competitive positioning and partner and channel development support for over 20 middle-market technology providers. Five of Dr. Rachlin’s clients were the successful targets of acquisitions by IBM, Oracle, Red Hat and Emerson Network Power.

Prior to TechPar, Dr. Rachlin was CEO of Connect Systems, a data management consulting firm he founded in 1995. He and his team built systems to automate customer and investor outreach in association with four demutualizations (insurance IPOs) and eight class action settlements. These systems managed the distribution of over 200 million pieces of mail as well as complex workflows involving over five billion pages of documents. In 2002, Dr. Rachlin negotiated the sale of Connect to Net2S, a publicly traded French IT staffing firm later acquired by British Telecom.

Dr. Rachlin holds an undergraduate degree in history from Princeton University, has a Ph.D. in sociology from Columbia University and has published broadly in the academic, technical and popular press.

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