Scott Walchek

Scott Walchek

Scott Walchek is a renowned Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur who has spent more than 25 years building companies that deliver world-class innovation in software, emerging media and commercial online marketplaces.

After leading Sun Microsystems’ product and marketing team for its Tops division, he joined Macromedia as its product and marketing lead. Over the next five years, he delivered some of the creative industry’s most innovative software and ushered in the age of desktop multimedia communications.

Following Macromedia’s IPO in 1993, he became CEO of publicly traded interactive media developer and publisher Sanctuary Woods, an affiliate label of Electronic Arts. In 1996, he pioneered the leading technology company for the proliferation of consumer online shopping. In 1998, he sold it to Inktomi (leading search provider before Google), where he served as its head of e-commerce. Following his tenure there, he founded Integrity Partners, a boutique VC fund investing in numerous technology companies and served on its portfolio companies’ boards of directors. In the early 2000s, Walchek expanded his experience to include film and music publishing, med-tech nanotechnology, oil and gas exploration and commercial real estate. Around that time, he co-led the seed investment in China’s dominant search engine, Baidu, where he served as a director until its historic IPO in August 2005. In 2006, he formed the W Charitable Foundation with his wife and four children. In 2008, Walchek founded electronic consumer debt trading platform DebtMarket, which he sold to Intercontinental Exchange in 2011.

He founded Trōv in 2012 and serves as its CEO and chairman of the board. Walchek performed his undergraduate studies at University of California San Diego.M/p>

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