Scott Quiana

Scott Quiana

Scott Quiana is the head of products, marketing and partnerships at Quantemplate, a leader in self-service cloud-based automated data solutions for the (re)insurance industry. He is responsible for the vision and innovation of the Quantemplate product and the development and growth of the company’s brand experience.

Quiana has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry, during which he developed a passion for creating products that elegantly solve the data and technology challenges inhibiting companies’ ability to grow.

Prior to joining Quantemplate, he spent most of his career at RMS opening new markets, scaling various businesses and enabling growth through new products.

Recent Articles by Scott Quiana

ML for Commercial Property Insurers

For years, the preparation and management of data have exposed themselves as two costly and critical challenges for commercial property insurers. These challenges are hampering production and efficiency and inhibiting growth and profitability. The flow of submissions and the preparation of statement of values are laborious and time-consuming to agents, brokers, insurers and anyone else […]

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