Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar is vice president, head of insurance, at Saama. He is responsible for delivering innovative data analytics solutions for the insurance industry. Kumar is very passionate about solving business problems and eternally believes in process improvement. He strongly believes that today’s next-generation business intelligence in the form of advanced analytics will revolutionize the insurance industry.

Prior to joining Saama, he worked in companies such as Sun Microsystems, SGI, Applied Materials and CMC. He was a co-founder and board member of InfoSTEP, which was acquired by Saama. At InfoSTEP, he was chief operating officer, responsible for overseeing the company’s strategic direction, business planning, key account management and partner relationships.

Recent Articles by Sanjeev Kumar

How to Get Broader View of Customers

Historically, many insurance companies spent so little time thinking of customers as flesh-and-blood people and were so limited by their information systems that they referred to customers as policy numbers. But insurers are developing much fuller pictures of their customers for two reasons: because they have to, and because they can. The change will provide major benefits. […]

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