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Sanjeev Chaudhry

Sanjeev Chaudhry

Sanjeev Chaudhry is the CEO of GigaForce, a next-generation, blockchain-optimized platform designed to expedite complex subrogation and recovery claim processing for the insurance industry.

An award-winning innovator and entrepreneur with a deep passion for connecting technologies, Chaudhry has great respect for the power of technology to revolutionize, transform, disrupt and innovate business processes through the use of advanced analytics. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with stakeholders to identify areas of opportunity and develop solutions to meet unique needs, and he is effective at bringing interested parties with diverse priorities together and building consensus. He has an exceptional track record of building partnerships with key influencers in high-tech sectors.

As vice president of insurance for SAAMA, Chaudhry managed a team of 250 engineers and revenue of $50 million-plus to drive better business outcomes via integrating structured, unstructured and real-world data. On behalf of SAAMA, he spearheaded transformational insurance projects and led services teams at CSAA, CINFIN, Encova (Motorists), MunichRe, American Family and Die Mobilere, among others.

Prior to this, Chaudhry founded InfoSTEP, serving as the company’s COO and a board member. InfoSTEP provided products serving a variety of business applications, including business intelligence (BI), corporate governance, risk management, data integration, data quality and emerging technologies. He built the organization from the ground up and managed operations through a successful IPO and sale to MIC and Saama Technologies.

Since 2017, Chaudhry has served as an adviser to the Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator (SVIA), mentoring a number of startups, including getMiles, Terrene Labs, Eltropy, IronSDN and Avanta Ventures. Chaudhry is an Innovator Award Winner, presented by Application Development Trends, and a frequent speaker at analytics and insurance conferences.

Chaudhry holds a B.Engg. (with honors) from MSU of Baroda, India and an M.B.A. finance from JBIMS Mumbai, UCSC. He is visiting faculty at the University of Cincinnati.

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