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Sanjeev Agrawal

Sanjeev Agrawal

Sanjeev Agrawal is the president of the healthcare business and the chief marketing officer at LeanTaaS, a Silicon Valley company that uses advanced data science to optimize healthcare operations. Agrawal was Google’s first head of product marketing. Since then, he has led three successful startups — CEO at Aloqa (acquired by Motorola), VP products & marketing at TellMe Networks (acquired by Microsoft) and founder & CEO at Collegefeed (acquired by AfterCollege). Agrawal graduated Phi Beta Kappa with an EECS degree from MIT and along the way spent time at McKinsey & Co. and Cisco Systems. He pretends to play squash when not chasing down his daughters for exercise.

Recent Articles by Sanjeev Agrawal

On Air Traffic Control and Health Costs

Explosion of data volumes. Interoperability of systems. Large servers in the sky that can analyze enormous amounts of data, compute complex algorithms in real time and communicate in microseconds. Mobile communication through devices that patients, providers and staff all carry all the time. What does this all mean for hospital operations? Based on our work with […]

Dear Founders: Are You Listening?

Since my last post, “Distribution is 80% of your problem,” I have had the opportunity to speak in-depth with several terrific start-up founders about some of the incredible things they are doing and why things are not going so well. Several of their stories remind me of another big lesson I have learned over the years: We entrepreneurs often […]

The World Owes Me Nothing

I am fortunate to live amid incredibly smart, driven, hard-working people who care about making an impact. Sometimes, some of them trust me enough to come to me for business and career advice. Before every such meeting, I try hard to set aside my beliefs and biases and just listen. For me, it takes genuine […]

1 Myth, 2 Truths, 5 Hot Trends in Health IT

There is a myth out there that healthcare providers are unwilling to adopt new technology. It’s just not true. In the last few months, I have spoken to dozens of healthcare leaders at hospitals both small and large, and I am amazed at their willingness to understand and adopt technology. Pretty much every hospital CEO, […]

Why Millennials Are the Best Workers

It has become fashionable to trash Millennials. They lack a strong work ethic, have no grit, aren’t respectful or patient and definitely don’t understand corporate culture. The trashing fits with how people romanticize the 1950s as the golden age of American culture, when everything was just somehow better. I don’t know whether Gen X is […]

Why Your Doctor Is Never on Time

Why is it that every time I go to a doctor, I am given an appointment for a precise time, and then every single time the doctor shows up at least 20 minutes late? Does the healthcare system hate me? Do doctors not want to fix the problem? Or are they just simply incompetent? To […]

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