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Sam Gilbert

Sam Gilbert

Sam Gilbert is a highly effective strategist and product development leader, with a strong track-record of driving material P&L benefit in major B2C & B2B services organizations, in start-up, growth and turnaround situations.

He uses both vision and analysis to unlock business problems and create product innovations, building compelling fact-based strategic recommendations that successfully engage stakeholders from shop-floor to board level.

Gilbert develops the business plans needed to execute these strategies and leads cross-functional teams to deliver operational implementations.

Recent Articles by Sam Gilbert

The Hype Cycle of Insurance Disruption

The research firm Gartner has a great model for showing the relative maturity of different technologies. It’s called the Hype Cycle, and it looks like this: Source: There are five phases. First, a technology emerges, triggering a myriad of ideas for potential applications. Startups are founded, commentators predict it will change everything, incumbents include […]

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