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Roy Franco

Over the past two decades, Roy A. Franco has emerged as one of the principal architects of policies and practices that define the world of Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance. From his experience as director of risk management for Safeway from 1993-2010, he realized the need for greater clarity and efficiency in matters related to Medicare compliance. He became a serious student of Medicare policy and its impact on risk management and revenue. This, in turn, prompted him to work for reform of Medicare regulatory policy.

The Medicare Advocacy Recovery Coalition (MARC) became the chosen vehicle for that reform effort. Founded in 2008 by Franco and others, its membership draws from most sectors of the MSP-regulated community, including plaintiffs, defense attorneys, brokers, trade associations and third-party administrators. The coalition’s primary mission is to advocate for MSP on behalf of Medicare beneficiaries and companies. The major achievement to date is the Strengthening Medicare and Repaying Taxpayers (SMART) law of 2013.

Drawing on his experience with Safeway and MARC, in 2011 Franco and Jeff Signor founded Franco Signor, which specializes in Medicare compliance. In his capacity as chief legal officer, Franco continues to lead national efforts to streamline the world of Medicare Secondary Payer compliance. He is the co-author of Medicare Secondary Compliance, which may be found on the Juris Publishing website.


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