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Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell is chief underwriter, research and development, based in Gen Re’s London office.

He is a chartered insurer and medical underwriting diploma holder. He joined Gen Re in 1995 and has 30 years of experience in reinsurance, life underwriting and risk management.

Recent Articles by Ross Campbell

Chatbot, Your Time Is Now!

The lasting impact of COVID‑19 on commerce and trading is an issue for the future. While old routines may quickly resume as restrictions lift, there may be lasting changes to the ways we get things done. The pandemic showed the importance of remote access to get information and to conduct transactions differently. Customers became self-servers using […]

Speeding Innovation in Life Insurance

This year continues to present challenges that force us all to think differently. The pandemic response promoted independent action, self-help and a heightened sense of social responsibility. This has accelerated the harnessing of technology as solutions for how we work, communicate, access healthcare, buy goods and receive services. Perhaps more than ever, we are aware […]

Coronavirus: What Should Insurers Do?

The news of an outbreak in China of a new type of coronavirus (2019-nCoV), leading to respiratory illness, recalls previous potential pandemic infections. Coronavirus was behind SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in 2002 and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in 2012. The outbreak is being linked to people eating the infected meat of small mammals […]

How Much Exercise Prolongs Healthy Life?

I bought a new mountain bike this summer. I already had two perfectly good bicycles in the garage, but there’s nothing like a new toy to get you motivated. Hitting the trails these days involves monitoring my data. I’m interested to test myself using Personalized Activity Intelligence (PAI), a health score that measures cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF). PAI […]

How to Link Heart Health to Insurance

Cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) is a measure of the body’s ability to supply oxygen to muscles, including the heart, during sustained levels of exercise. Whether you believe the hype that just sitting around poses a significant health risk, the truth is that most people could do with exercising more. An inverse association between CRF and mortality is well-established. […]

Digital Solution for Income Protection

New technologies mean disability income protection (IP) claims managers can enhance and expand the support and services they offer. Digital solutions can also be used to improve the claims experience. TrackActive is a company that has developed an artificial intelligence-driven engagement platform that provides early, cost-effective and scalable interventions for rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions […]

Putting Digital Health to Work

The U.K. spends £97 billion treating diseases but just £8 billion preventing them. This imbalance is set to change according to government proposals. Under a social prevention model, health advice would be tailored to an individual based on several criteria, including personal data, lifestyle and demographics. There are parallels to insurance. The Association of British Insurers has reported […]

Will Blockchain End Up Like 3DTV?

When technology is baked into a device, we rarely give it much thought. We buy a smartphone for its utility – not its operating system. Sometimes a new technology dramatically changes how everyone does things; the internet is a good example. Some plausibly great innovations, such as 3D television, just never gain traction. Which of these […]

What Digital Can Do for Disability Claims

Healthcare is being transformed by advances in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning, sensors and other innovative technologies. Practically everybody has a smartphone, making it easier than ever to gather data and consent to third-party access. Unique data insights mean providers can offer people products and services tailored to them individually. For insurers, digital technology offers new ways […]

Smart Tech Helps Older People, Too

New technologies offer insurers the opportunity to build more engaged relationships with their customers. Fitness-linked insurance programs, for example, are attractive to active people who have access to technology and a desire to use it. While wearables and apps are most closely associated with promoting physical fitness, technology is increasingly being put to use in […]

Why to Digitize Disability Claims

Healthcare is being transformed by advances in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning, sensors and other innovative technologies. Practically everybody has a smartphone, making it easier than ever to gather data and consent to third-party access. Data insights mean providers can offer people products and services tailored to them individually. For insurers, digital technology offers new ways to […]

Digital Innovation in Life Insurance

There is a view that the life insurance business needs to change or to innovate to remain relevant and reach new customers; if incumbent players don’t make an environment that appeals to new customers, someone else will step in and do it in their place. It’s possible that big data warehouses – or mobile and […]

Blockchain – What Is It Good for?

Much is said about blockchain technology and how it will change how business operates. As with any new technology, a gap exists between understanding the theory and seeing the practical applications. But it should be no surprise that blockchain technology is already being used to secure the digital electronic health record (EHR) of large numbers […]

Insurers Must Adapt to Digital Demands

New, technology-driven changes in the ways people live their lives are prompting revolutions across industries. The insurance sector must adapt to these changing needs if it is to remain relevant to customers. The power and popularity of wearable technology as a generator of health data and the developing potential of genomics are well-discussed issues in […]

Genomic Data: the DNA of Insurance?

With genetics and insurance, fundamental issues are at stake. But there are potentially significant benefits for consumers who allow access to data on their lifestyle, activity patterns, medical history and genetic makeup. Importantly, insurers would be able to offer much more personalized insurance policies that encourage engagement and improve outcomes for their customers. Genomics, the […]

To Predict the Future, Try Creating It

Backed with new capital, powered by digital technology and using decentralized administration, a new model for transparent, simple and customer-focused life insurance couldn’t be easier to visualize. And competition from newcomers means existing providers must innovate. But what can traditional insurers do specifically to — to paraphrase management theorist Peter Drucker — predict the future […]

Can Apps Manage Mental Health?

Improved awareness and recognition of mental health problems and their complexity puts pressure on health systems to increase care. In turn, this stimulates exploration of the potential value of software applications (apps) run on mobile devices. The ubiquity of smartphones makes them an ideal tool for apps that can help individuals manage mental health. Apps […]

How Many Steps Mean Longer Life?

Fitness trackers can be a convenient way to monitor the number of steps taken every day. Some insurers have even started using them as a proxy for good health, selling life cover to people who are already fit and who track their steps. Insurers may even reward policyholders’ physical activity with lower premiums and other […]

How You Sleep Matters to Insurers

Sleep allows the body and the brain vital repair and recovery time, giving hormones the opportunity to replenish. Both inadequate and excessive sleep have been associated with early death. We are getting a better understanding of the health consequences of low levels of physical activity combined with inadequate or excessive sleep. Having at least seven hours […]

Do Health Apps Threaten Privacy?

The growing use of smartphone apps and wearable devices to generate personal health and lifestyle data poses a dilemma for privacy. While individuals have much to gain using apps to help them manage health concerns, the privacy of the data itself may be at risk. Consumer-grade devices that link across internet networks are rather vulnerable […]

Why Life Insurers Must Adapt

The insurance industry is not the only business to struggle with understanding its data. But the sheer volume of information hitting insurers’ desktops on a daily basis means it cannot ignore the importance of acting now to embrace the latest technology to get to grips with the issue. Disruption and innovation will alter established business […]

Wearables: Game Changer or a Fad?

Some life insurers now use data from fitness trackers to lower premiums. But does a policyholder’s number of steps really improve his or her mortality? Despite the link between a sedentary life and the risk of heart disease or cancer being well known, there is no consensus on how many daily steps reduce this risk. […]

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