Ross Bohnstedt

Ross Bohnstedt

Ross Bohnstedt serves as Senior Vice President, Market Development at Panton, Inc. Panton is leading the development of robust business platforms, analytics, and machine learning in the insurance sector. At Panton, Mr. Bohnstedt is responsible for identifying markets, business development, and closing the sales process. Mr. Bohnstedt has 15 years of experience in sales development and a thorough understanding of technology, platform disruption, and the network effects in opportunistic markets.

Recent Articles by Ross Bohnstedt

Transformation of Roof Claim Processing

The property and casualty insurance industry is on the verge of a transformation. New sources of data are creating possibilities that were previously unthinkable and are changing ingrained business processes, but they are also overwhelming companies with data. One significant source of this coming inundation will be unmanned aerial vehicles and systems (UAVs and UASs, […]

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