Ronn Lehmann

Ronn Lehmann

With over 25 years as an independent consultant, Ronn Lehmann advises organizations and leaders to ensure that their culture supports their goals, especially in the areas of Safety, Quality and Productivity. He has worked with organizations in a wide range of industries to help them create cultural strategies that support their efforts to create a safe and successful workplace. Lehmann conducts Cultural Audits for organizations, facilitates Safety Culture workshops, and speaks on the topics of Culture, Leadership, Safety Commitment and the Hazard of Complacency. He has been a visiting instructor at Century College, and has contributed to several books, including “Even Eagles Need A Push” by David McNally, “Playing To Win” by Larry and Hersch Wilson, “Making the Grass Greener on Your Side” by Ken Melrose, CEO of Toro Corporation, and “Fire Yourself” by John Rusciano and Lisa Brezonik.

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When Workplace Safety Is Core…

In a true Culture of Safety, safety always wins. It is the first among equals; it is the card that beats all others. In short, Safety is a Core Value of the organization. Safety and other Core Values are: Continuously communicated. Lived by leaders in their words and behaviors. Formally and informally reinforced, recognized and […]

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