Ronald Riewold

Ronald Riewold

Ronald Riewold is president and COO of the National Medication Management Initiative. He has extensive experience in managing, operating and growing companies since 1978.

After successfully growing a financial services company and real estate development company as its CEO, Riewold entered the healthcare arena full-time in 1996 as vice president of corporate development with Heart Labs of America, which became Medical Industries of America and later Cyber Care.

While Riewold headed up mergers and acquisitions, the company grew from $1 million in revenue and 15 cents per share, as a pink sheets stock, to $120 million in revenue and a Nasdaq National company that reached a high of $40 per share; he became president and then CEO.

Upon leaving Cyber Care, Riewold became a consultant for American Enterprise Solutions, a healthcare delivery system and internet utility focusing on the connectivity in the healthcare industry. His consulting contract soon became an executive contract, and Riewold rose from executive vice president to president and chief operating officer in 10 months.

In 2001, Riewold joined Pain Care Holdings as one of its original investors. Riewold helped Pain Care rise from a startup to an $80 million EBITDA company that had a $460 million valuation. Riewold became a member of the board of Samarian, a company that has developed a process that protects, and monitors patients, and residents in nursing homes, and rehabilitation hospitals.

In 2008, he started Dynamic Real Estate Development as chief executive officer focusing on the development of medical buildings while partnering with physician groups and providing his expertise as a fee developer.

Riewold’s background includes the operating and development of both public and private companies. He has been a top executive of six companies since 1978, three in the finance and real estate sector and three in the healthcare and technology arena. Riewold has completed over 50 mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare industry. Riewold has accepted the chairman position for a public OTC company, TNTY True Nature Holdings.

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