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Roi Agababa

Roi Agababa

Roi Agababa is CEO of Novidea, provider of the first cloud-based platform for real-time business intelligence and agency/brokerage workflow management for the insurance distribution market.

Under his leadership, Novidea has revolutionized how insurance professionals interact with data and their customers to enable unprecedented growth and create new opportunities at every touch-point.

Recent Articles by Roi Agababa

Why AI-Assisted Selling Is the Future

Sales is changing. That’s a fact. If your agency is still picking up the phone and hoping for the best, things probably aren’t going to turn out the way you imagined. The real future of insurance lies in leveraging the power of smart technology to streamline the sales process, increase conversions and have more productive […]

4 Key Qualities to Leverage Insurtech

Most insurance businesses realize that there are benefits offered by upgrading legacy systems and becoming more “tech-forward.” However, not all insurance businesses are prepared to make the leap. Here are four qualities your insurance business needs if you want to succeed in leveraging what insurtech has to offer. 1. Customer-Centricity Customers are at the center […]

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