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Roger Sitkins

Roger Sitkins

Roger Sitkins is the CEO of Sitkins Group and developer of the Sitkins Network and the Better Way Agency program. Sitkins has trained and mentored thousands of insurance professionals. producers, CEOs, sales managers and CSRs with diverse levels of experience.

Recognized as the nation’s top insurance agency results coach, Sitkins has often been the keynote speaker for national, state and local agents’ association events. Author of “Winning Strategies,” a monthly column that has been published in more than 150 issues of Rough Notes magazine, he is the most widely read of all the publication’s columnists.

Sitkins is a committed advocate of improvement, believing that, if you improve the life of one person, you improve the world. He graciously pays it forward through acts of kindness and through continuously seeking opportunities to provide a bigger, better, brighter future to those in need.

Recent Articles by Roger Sitkins

Embrace Tech Before It Replaces You

The following is an excerpt from a white paper, available in full here.  I’m a huge fan of Dan Sullivan’s strategic coach program. Many years ago, he said something that, initially, I didn’t fully appreciate or understand: “What you currently get paid for, you may do for free, or be totally taken out of. What you […]

Differentiating in a Crowded Market

The following is an excerpt from a white paper, available in full here.  There have always been a lot of independent insurance agencies in the marketplace, just as there are today. But the competition seems to be increasing by the hour, thanks largely to the proliferation of digital technology and online marketing. Consequently, most agents […]

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