Rod Farrar

Rod Farrar

Rod Farrar is an accomplished risk consultant. His knowledge of the risk management domain was initially informed through his 20 years of service as an army officer in varying project, security and operational roles. Subsequent to that, he has spent eight years as a professional risk manager and trainer.

Farrar’s risk management expertise is highly sought after, as is the insight he provides in his risk management training and workshop facilitation. He has been recognized by the Risk Management Institute of Australia, which has granted him Certified Practicing Risk Manager accreditation.

He is the principal of Paladin Risk Management Services, a Canberra-based specialist risk management consultancy that undertakes work as diverse as:

• Assessment of organizational risk maturity (risk audits);
• Development and implementation of risk management frameworks;
• Development and conduct of risk management training; and
• Facilitation of risk management workshops.

Some of the major assignments undertaken by Farrar include:

• Risk adviser to $4 billion Defense ship project;
• Risk adviser to multiple Defense projects in all domains;
• Development of risk management framework for Defence Support Organisation – an organization of 5,000 personnel across more than 100 locations
• Development of risk management framework for major program organization with budget of $1 billion annually
• Development of risk framework and risk identification for National Health call center network
• Development of risk framework and risk identification for retirement benefits fund in Tasmania
• Development of risk framework and risk identification for Havelock Housing Association
• Development of risk framework and risk identification for Queanbeyan City Council
• Security risk assessment – Department of the Senate

Farrar has lectured at the University of Canberra, has been on the assessment panel for Certified Practicing Risk Managers and has spoken at a range of conferences and forums. In addition, he was contracted by the Risk Management Institution of Australasia to develop and deliver a two-day risk workshop across Australia and New Zealand. This course was highly acclaimed, attracting participants from as far away as Ireland.

He has recently established the Paladin Risk Management Training Academy with the intent of passing on his knowledge to those working in, or who have a desire to work in, the risk management industry. He has developed and delivered a diploma of risk management and business continuity and an advanced diploma of governance, risk and compliance.

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