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Rochelle Thielen

Rochelle Thielen

Rochelle Thielen is chief revenue officer at HONK, which provides a next-generation roadside assistance platform for motorists, insurers and fleets.

She has previously served as CEO of Estify, which uses technology to optimize the vehicle repair process, and in senior positions at Mitchell, which provides claims management and collision repair solutions.

Recent Articles by Rochelle Thielen

Time to Start Over on Secondary Towing

Immediately following an accident, undrivable cars are typically towed away from the scene to temporary holding locations such as an impound lot or storage facility. There they remain until an insurance adjuster evaluates the vehicle and declares it a total loss or requests to have it towed to another facility to be repaired. This process […]

Put Tow Professionals at Center of Claims

Insurance carriers have put a lot of resources into optimizing the auto claims process, and they’ve made significant progress. The industry cut the average amount of time it takes to return a repairable vehicle to the customer after the first notice of loss from 13.5 days in 2018 to 12.9 days in 2019, according to […]

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