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Rocco Grillo

Rocco Grillo

Rocco Grillo is Stroz Friedberg’s cyber resilience leader and a member of the firm’s executive management team. His cyber resilience team, which includes the company’s incident responders and security scientists who deliver the firm’s proactive and reactive cybersecurity capabilities, has successfully triaged some of the largest data breaches recorded in the last decade.

Previously, Grillo led Protiviti’s Global Incident Response and Forensics Investigations, helped develop RedSiren Technologies (a leading managed security service provider and full services security firm that evolved out of Carnegie Mellon) and held management positions with Lucent Technologies and Bell Atlantic.

Grillo is a CISSP, CRMA, PCI-QSA and a certified third party risk assessor. He is an affiliate board adviser for FS-ISAC and NH-ISAC, a member of the Shared Assessments Program Steering Committee board and the CLM Cyber Liability Council. He has also served on the board of directors of the NY Metro ISSA Chapter, the IT Policy Compliance Group and the (i-4) International Information Integrity Institute Research Steering Committee.

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