Rob Maille

Rob Maille

Rob Maille is head of strategy and customer experience at CommerceCX, as well as a co-founder.

Maille is a seasoned entrepreneur and customer experience (CX) expert with more than 25 years in digital strategy, enterprise application development and user experience. He has been creating easy-to-use, customer-driven solutions that customers love since 1991.

Maille’s primary role at CommerceCX is to inspire, create and define digital solutions for clients. He is an accomplished designer, technologist and thought leader with a focus around digital applications, product strategy and process enhancement. He possesses extensive subject matter experience in financial services, human resources, digital commerce, startups, insurance and healthcare, with a focus in creating high-performing teams focused on delivering creative products.

Recent Articles by Rob Maille

Why the Insurance Industry Is Primed

Until recently, the insurance industry has very much viewed technology as a cost-saver as opposed to something that can help drive revenue. Instead of doing things like connecting back-end systems or developing a CRM system to store data on all customer and prospects, insurance companies have been streamlining time-intensive tasks. But the industry recently has […]

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