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Robin Kiera

Robin Kiera

Dr. Robin Kiera has worked in several management positions in insurance and finance. Kiera is a renowned insurance and insurtech expert. He regularly speaks at technology conferences around the world as a keynote or panelist.

He is a #1 fintech influencer in Germany and belongs to the top 10 insurtech influencers worldwide.

He also has a blog:

Recent Articles by Robin Kiera

How to Start Selling on TikTok

We started using Tiktok as an experiment. A few months, 50 million views and almost 100,000 followers of our channel (see here) later, we think Tiktok may be the next big thing. The organic reach of our channel and the demand of our community is so big that we started a never-planned fashion brand (our […]

Voice Is the Future – Even for Insurance?

“It’s only a gimmick.” When I heard myself saying this a few years ago about voice-activated assistants such as Alexa and Google Home, I almost bit my tongue afterward. This was because such arguments were almost always a sure sign of the coming market maturity of a technology, and I was usually accustomed to hearing […]

Tiktok: Chance of a Lifetime for Insurers

“That’s only for young people,” the board member of a German insurer said when I presented Tiktok as a possible next big thing for the industry “What do you think; how many people downloaded it?” I asked. Brief silence. “If you ask like that, a few million.” Me: “Over 1.5 billion. It is the most […]

How Unknown Insurtech Achieved IPO

On Dec. 4, 2018, the first insurtech IPO in the West happened. It wasn’t, however, in London, Berlin or New York. Instead, it took place in Frankfurt, Germany. Around the world, congratulations rolled in, wishing the company the best with its freshly raised money. Only 12 months earlier, hardly anyone in the international insurance or […]

Why 5G Will Rock the Insurance World

The first time I logged in to the internet, I had a dial-up modem and a large desktop computer with tower, a separate keyboard and giant speakers. After the dial tone, there were  squeaks and honks as the computer took its time logging in. Then the words flashed across the screen: “You’ve Got Mail.” It […]

‘Tear Down the Information Silos’

Instead of a short bio, let us know what are your top three books everyone working on digital transformation needs to read and top three tech gadgets one needs to have? “Zero to One.” This is the best book on tech, and so many entrepreneurs don’t understand the key concept: Your tech better be 10X […]

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