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Robert Baldock

Robert Baldock

Robert Baldock has been conceiving and delivering innovative solutions to major institutions for all of his 40 working years. He is a serial entrepreneur in the IT field.

He first started programming in 1969 (at the tender age of 14) in the days of paper tape and teletypes. He predates green screens, photocopiers, mobile phones and PCs! So he has seen a LOT of change!

Today, he is the managing director of Clustre, an innovation broker. Clustre helps innovation seekers connect with innovation suppliers and represents a portfolio of more than 35 innovative SMEs within the U.K.

Baldock has held senior positions with global IT firms. He was the global leader of the financial services industry practice within EDS, where he was responsible for growing an already large ($3.4 billion, 15,000-person) outsourcing and consulting business. He has had P&L responsibility for Continental Europe.

Prior to joining EDS, Baldock formed a small consultancy called @speed, aimed at delivering rapid solutions in the internet era. @speed worked in conjunction with two major VC firms to help them evaluate investment opportunities. Indeed, he liked one company so much he became the CEO! During this time, he grew revenues by a factor of five while establishing operations in several other major countries.

The vast majority of Baldock’s career (23 years in total) was spent at Accenture, which he joined straight from university. Prior to leaving Accenture, Baldock was a global managing partner responsible for the growth and success of Accenture’s customer relationship management, mergers & acquisitions and e-commerce businesses within the financial services industry.

Baldock graduated from Imperial College in London in 1976 with a bachelor of science in computing, fluent in nine programming languages.

He has two children and is an avid fan of motorsport and cars in general. He raced cars off and on for 30 years. Unfortunately, his second passion (cooking and fine dining) meant that he got less competitive as he got older (and heavier). He also helped to form the British Motorsport Industry Association, which he chaired for four years.

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