Rob Dietz

Rob Dietz

Rob Dietz is a principal in the advisory services practice of Ernst & Young LLP. He has more than 20 years of experience in property and casualty (P&C) insurance.

His work in the P&C insurance industry includes business and technology transformation, business process reengineering, software evaluation and selection, business case development and managing the delivery of large-scale technology implementation programs in onshore and offshore models, including multiple full-lifecycle implementations of core insurance systems across a variety of platforms.

Recent Articles by Rob Dietz

How Robotics Will Transform Claims

Across the insurance industry, claims organizations have made significant progress in modernizing their core processing systems in the last several years. Typically, the objectives of these programs are to increase speed, improve accuracy and reduce risks in all phases of claims handling. Given that claims interactions are “moments of truth” in customer relationships, insurers have […]

The ‘Moment of Truth’ for Claims

Claims are a paradox for the insurance industry. Neither consumers nor insurers want claims to occur, but, when they do, they are critically important to both parties. Consumers want speedy resolutions, clear communications about status and, as a bonus, a personal touch. Insurers are looking for efficiency and accuracy and to eliminate the risk of […]

Transforming Claims for the Digital Era

As insurers undertake digital transformation programs, many rightly turn to the claims function. Claims is a very good candidate for such initiatives because of its importance to the relationship between customers and their insurers. Claimants and insurers both want speedy and fair resolution, based on clear lanes of direct and personalized service. A data-driven, analytics-enabled […]

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