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Richard Smullen

Richard Smullen

Richard Smullen is the founder and CEO of Pypestream, the leading B2C messaging platform infused with AI and deep learning.

Prior to Pypestream, Smullen co-founded Genesis Media, the leading online video and attention measurement platform for editorial based publishers.

Since 2005, Smullen has been the owner of SouthWinston LLC, now a New York-based, niche family office that incubates and develops businesses in media, technology and entertainment. As an inventor, Smullen holds a host of patents underpinning the businesses he starts. He still sits on the board of SouthWinston and overseas the investments in WePowerShopping, RealConnex, Dhomain, Inc, Buildmax, DataSphere Technologies and Genesis Media LLC. An active member of the YPO Metro New York chapter, Smullen is an avid golfer and nature conservationist.

Smullen launched his business career during his university years, when he founded (“What’s on in South Africa”), South Africa’s first Internet entertainment and information portal. After two years, he built the start-up into the country’s leading infotainment portal and then sold it to World Online in 2001. In 2009 whilst building woiSA, Richard helped start DataSphere Technologies, an IT company specializing in digital identity management. When the NASDAQ listed digital security firm ActivIdentity Inc. acquired DataSphere in 2002, Smullen became COO of the newly formed ActivIdentity Africa Ltd. He spent five years there.

Smullen moved to New York in February 2009 to pursue his passion for technology and early stage business development.

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