Ricci Victorio

Ricci Victorio

Ricci M. Victorio is the managing partner of the Mosaic Family Business Center. Victorio is a certified succession planner and co-active coach for individuals, family businesses and management teams. She has been providing communication enhancement, leadership and teamwork training programs to Fortune 500 companies across the country since 1984.

Victorio’s ability to pinpoint challenges, uncover opportunities and teach management groups how to be better teams has created a significant impact on many businesses, producing higher productivity in a more synergistic way. She is a recognized innovator in developing programs for teamwork and leadership training, strategic planning and communication enhancement for privately held companies.

The foundation of Victorio’s down-to-earth approach is in her previous, 25-year career in the entertainment industry as a talent, director, agent and casting director and innovative coach in the art of improvisational acting.

Victorio received her CPCC from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), CSP from the International Succession Planning Association and ACC from the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is certified by Professional Dynametric Programs as a PDP licensed associate and corporate trainer.

Victorio is president of the International Coach Federation (ICF Global) San Francisco Bay Area chapter. Victorio is a founding member of the International Succession Planning Association and co-developer of the online Succession Planning Assessment (SPA) tool. Victorio was previously president of the Rawls Family Business Resource Center and a partner/director of the Rawls Group, based in Orlando, FL, for 16 years.

Victorio has contributed articles to Gentry Wealth, Smart Business, Worth, Dealer Magazine, the New York Times, Wines & Vines, WineAmerica and numerous online blogs. She is a frequently invited guest on Bill Black’s Exit Coach Radio and keynote speaker to many conventions and industry associations: SF Family Firm Institute, SF & Bay Area estate planning associations, many adviser roundtable groups, automotive “20 Groups,” Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), TEC Florida & Southern California, WineAmerica, Electronic Security Association, John Muir Foundation and HULT International School of Business. She was a workshop presenter at the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 National Automobile Dealers’ Association conventions.

Victorio has written a novel about reconnecting with her husband’s family in Abruzzo, Italy, “Lost and Found” (“Perduto e Trovato”) and enjoys painting the beautiful Italian landscapes from her journeys.

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