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Reggy De Feniks

Reggy De Feniks

Reggy de Feniks is an expert on digital customer engagement strategies and renowned consultant, speaker and author. Feniks co-wrote the worldwide bestseller “Reinventing Financial Services: What Consumers Expect From Future Banks and Insurers,” which was released in eight languages and sold more than 100,000 copies. The sequel, “Reinventing Customer Engagement: The Next Level of Digital Transformation for Banks and Insurers,” will launch in January 2017.

Feniks is frequently invited to share his view as a speaker at conferences and board room sessions and at universities and business schools. He holds a 25-year track record working for blue-chip financial institutions in more than 40 markets. He co-founded The Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) and has advisory positions at insurtechs and investors.

Recent Articles by Reggy De Feniks

Asia: Latest Source of Opportunities

We often get asked where you should go when you want to be inspired by insurance innovations. We always answer that people should look at Asia more seriously. Think of giants like Ping An and Zhong An leading the way. Think of innovative solutions in the health sector such as Ping An’s Good Doctor and […]

4 Post-COVID-19 Trends for Insurers

The world is experiencing a unique situation. Over the past months, hundreds of millions of people from all over the globe have been forced to stay home, overnight. The economy came to a halt. The current pandemic determines what we talk about, what we can do and what our future looks like. Besides all the […]

How Insurers Are Fighting the Pandemic

It already seems like ages ago that we were able to go out at night. In most countries, the bars, restaurants and clubs are closed. In the basements of those places, there are tanks that preserve up to 1,000 liters of beer. But when time passes, the quality of that beer declines. So, what do […]

Blurring Boundaries Drive Innovation

Relevant change and speed can only be achieved through investing and partnering with fintech and insurtech players. That’s why we asked Marco Keim, responsible for Aegon Continental Europe and member of the management board of Aegon, to share his thoughts. In our view, he is one of the boardroom executives who not only advocate change […]

Focusing Innovation on Real Impact

In 2006, years before Lemonade started to disrupt the insurance industry and the terms “fintech” and “insurtech” became known at large, Daisuke Iwase co-founded the first digital life insurance company Lifenet in Japan. Lifenet has been disrupting the Japanese life insurance sector right from the start by providing direct distribution of life insurance products via […]

Building Ecosystems Requires Guts

Ecosystems will play an important role in the future of insurance. But what factors will determine success? Tom van den Brulle, global head of innovation at Munich Re, says that at the end of the day insurance carriers need to be more courageous. Tom, what does your role at Munich Re involve, in particular with […]

10 Insurtechs for Dramatic Cost Savings

Winning insurtechs tap into the key challenges that insurance carriers are facing. In this post, the second of seven different flavors of winners in fintech insurance: insurtechs that drive dramatic cost savings. Although emerging markets are witnessing significant growth, most mature markets are saturated and experience margin pressure. This will show little or no change […]

8 Characteristics of Pull Platforms

In our previous post, “Five Strategies to Fight Price Comparison,” we argued that, with regard to customer engagement, Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, the companies that are so much feared by insurers, have in common that they literally carry pull in their genes. Obviously, there is so much insurance carriers can learn from them. We […]

5 Ways to Fight Price Comparisons

Virtually everyone agrees that many insurance markets have shifted from push to pull. Technology helps consumers to make better-informed and more rational decisions, and they are making use of this. Customers go through a significant part of the buying cycle before they contact a broker, agent or insurance firm. Although insurers are aware of the […]

Top 10 Insurtech Trends for 2018

December is the perfect month to predict the key insurtech trends for the year to come and to think of New Year’s resolutions: what specific trends to tap into to enhance the digital strategies. We believe these trends should relate to what an insurance carrier would like to accomplish, to what a winning insurance firm […]

10 Essential Talents to Leverage Insurtech

Many insurance carriers love insurtech because it can help them become more operationally excellent. A growing number realize that this is not sufficient and that they should deploy insurtech to reinvent the way they engage with customers, as well. Leveraging what insurtech enables and combining even more operational excellence with a next level of consumer […]

5 Favorite Innovators in Blockchain

Blockchain technology is being hyped as ‘internet’s superlative’. Some even think that blockchain promises to be a new infrastructure for financial services by 2020. The essence is that it facilitates peer-to-peer exchange of value, that is without the intervention of a third party, and that indeed renders the possibilities endless. Applications include identity validation, risk […]

HiThere: the Insurer of the Future?

HiThere, the ambitious Dutch startup, wants to reinvent insurance. They strongly believe they can improve the quality of life by providing customers a safety net through insurance. This safety net should be affordable and available to everyone all over the world. So that is why they decided to build their own unique platform: HiThere. A fully automated, modular back-office […]

Lemonade: Interview With CEO

Lemonade is currently the most talked-about disruptor. That’s why we’re pleased that, for the first time in Europe, Lemonade will present at DIA Munich what the pioneering concept is all about in a keynote presentation. As a special DIA Munich appetizer, we spoke to Lemonade CEO and co-founder Daniel Schreiber recently, exactly one year after […]

Insurtechs: 10 Super Agents, Power Brokers

Insurers should aspire to give their agents and brokers superpowers. Superpowers? Think of the impact of speech-to-speech language translators that free you from having to learn foreign languages. Of GPS car navigators helping you find your way without knowing your way. Or of 3-D printers that enable consumers to produce their own products. Those kind […]

10 Insurtechs That Tackle IT

Regulatory overhead + old technology = high prices + bad service. A German insurer shared this telling formula with us, and it’s a perfect summary of the challenges that insurers are facing. Among the 75 executives we interviewed for our book Reinventing Customer Engagement: The next level of digital transformation, many said that maintaining legacy systems […]

7 Symbiotic Ties With Insurtechs

Our previous blogpost introduced the Top 10 insurtech trends for 2017. We received a lot of requests to share more of our view with regard to the last trend we mentioned: symbiotic relationships with insurtechs. Banks and insurers are looking for ways to learn much more from the fintechs and insurtechs they are investing in and […]

Top 10 Insurtech Trends for 2017

The beginning of a new year is usually the time to predict key trends for the year to come, and so it goes with the insurtech sector as well. Most lists focus on the latest sexy technologies and applications. But, after a year, we find these have hardly gained any traction and so cannot really be […]

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